Open the door to home improvement projects for the new year

by Jon - February 5, 2018

Open the door to home improvement projects for the new year

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Everybody has things they want to fix around the house to make it more functional or attractive. Of course, deciding what you want to do is the easy part. The things that are difficult include finding the time to do it yourself or the money to pay someone to do it for you.

To get a better idea of what you need to do to achieve your dream home, we’ve provided the nuts and bolts of the two most important rooms: the kitchen and bathroom. Check out these tips and tricks including some great ideas for do-it-yourself projects and price estimates you can expect from contractors.

The kitchen

The kitchen is much more than a space where you cook meals. It is the heart of your house. That’s why everybody congregates in there whenever you throw a party! If your kitchen’s current look leaves you feeling less-than inspired, give it a cool update this year with one or more of these projects.

  • Re-do your backsplash. An outdated backsplash can really date your entire kitchen’s look. Currently, a big trend is tin-tile. It adds light to your kitchen, easy to clean and it comes in a variety of finishes to match your kitchen’s hardware. You can do this project in about half a day and tiles start at about $5 or $6 a piece.
  • Painting your cabinets is an easy and affordable way to completely change your kitchen’s look. While it can be a pretty time consuming project, it more than makes up for it with affordability and ease. The whole process with materials and all costs roughly $1,000 to do yourself.
  • New countertops in the kitchen have a huge impact. However, this is one of those projects best left to the professionals. The right contractor can help you pick the best countertop materials for your needs and get the project done for $1,875 to $4,085.

The bathroom

After a long, hard day, the bathroom is the part of the house you go to in order to relax and refresh. If your tile is looking dingy or the lighting is off, that whole experience is ruined. The average price to completely remodel a bathroom runs from $6,298 to $16,332 and takes four to five weeks. Or, you can take on one of these smaller projects instead.

  • Lighting will make or break a bathroom. The right amount of illumination helps make essential tasks like shaving or applying makeup easier. This DIY LED “Framed” Mirror project gives you that extra light you need with a total project cost under $500.
  • Did you buy a home with a tub when you are really a shower person? Installing a walk-in shower is a big job best left to the professionals, but at least it’s practical. Bare minimum costs run around $2,500.
  • Sometimes it’s the little things in life that matter, but not when it comes to your bathroom. Small bathrooms need big storage solutions. Fortunately, adding extra is relatively inexpensive depending on what you want. Plus, some projects are so easy to do yourself, the most complicated tool you need is a hammer. Check out these creative DIY bathroom storage ideas for inspiration.


If you want to update your home in 2018, the kitchen and bathroom are great places to start. Updating the backsplash, painting cabinets, and installing new countertops in the kitchen will breathe new life into the whole area. When thinking about bathroom renovations, consider what works with your lifestyle. Adding more light, converting a tub to a shower, and finding new ways to store your things make the bathroom more attractive and functional.

–Danny Knight