Get The Entire Family To Help Clean

by Jon - June 29, 2017

Get The Entire Family To Help Clean

Your home is a major part of your family and life! Above bestowing immense pride front of visitors, a clean home leads to a healthy, happy and peaceful life. So do what you can to keep it clean, sparkling and hygienic.

Often the cleaning job is entirely left on the person at home. It can be chaotic trying to manage extra time in addition to managing the other daily responsibilities.

Dividing the cleaning job among the members of the family during the weekends can be a helpful way to reduce the tremendous workload on your shoulders. You can really save money on professional cleaning services and also reduce the pressure of the shoulders of any one person. Here are some ideas to make the cleaning affair fun and maintain healthy living environment in the entire house.

1. Plan a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning the entire home once a month can be a tiring job even if you divide the job. Consider the weekends (or every other weekend) declaring it- ‘Cleanday Sunday’. Assort to a decision-making with consent from all members of the family so that you are not pressurizing anyone for anything. If this isn’t an option, you can always schedule a recurring cleaning online with Maid For Atlanta.

2. Create Departments for Every Member

Very much like in the office, you can divide the large cleaning project into small fragments assigning a particular job to each. This will give a clear idea of what to do and how to do. You can use a checklist and assign different items in different areas to each person.

3. Keep Your Entire Cleaning Supplies Ready before the Scheduled Day

You need antibacterial cleaners and wipes for the wet cleaning especially in bathrooms and kitchen. Keep the other cleaning tools ready at hand at one place a day before to start everything early on the cleaning day. Educate your children to stay away from toxic products.

4. Keep a Scorecard and Reward Goodies for the Good Work

Children love competition when they receive exciting prizes for the good performance. At the end of the job, prepare a performance report for the children. You can also keep small rewards like an ice-cream party in the evening; take them for the next blockbuster movie etc.

5. Organize Some Fun Snacking Breaks during the Cleaning

You cannot work the whole day exposed to dirt, toxic fumes, and wet cleaning tiredness. Amid the strenuous chores, sit together for a small coffee break. You can keep some ready to eat foods to serve with the beverages. Two or three such breaks can reduce the fatigue and give fresh energy for the next session of work.

Some Parting Words-

The secret to avoiding the mess and the pressure of cleaning is to involve the whole family. It may seem difficult in beginning but after a few weeks, this will become a regular habit and a fun affair. A sparkling and sanitized home keeps the family members peaceful, relaxed and healthy. This will give you lot of positive energy and enthusiasm to participate in regular busy schedules.

Of course, not everyone has the time, interest or supplies to clean their home. If that’s the case, head over to Maid Snappy! if you live in Central Arkansas. Get on instant quote online for their services.