6 Cleaning Hacks You Never Knew

by Jon - May 21, 2017

6 Cleaning Hacks You Never Knew


Between friends, family, work, school, holidays and all other everyday chores, the task of house cleaning Atlanta becomes almost impossible to fix in into your busy schedule. But we all know that free time or no free time, cleaning is something we have to do. We know you must be looking for tips on how to achieve a spotlessly clean home or finding out how to get rid of that one really stubborn stain. So here are six clever cleaning hacks. These are super easy and super quick, making sure that your house provides a healthy and safe environment for you, your kids and your pets.

  • Lemon and salt to clean cutting boardMaid For Atlanta - Home Cleaning Made Simple - Clean Kitchen

If your wooden cutting board has gotten really dirty and no matter what you use, soap, detergent or something else and nothing seems to work, we have the perfect solution for you. What happens with a wooden cutting board is that the knife makes small and thin indentations on the board and whatever we cut on the board; it gets stuck between the small lines. This food often creates a foul smell or even causes fungus to grow on the board. To avoid something like that happening, it is important to clean your cutting board regularly. Take a lemon wedge and some coarse salt and rub that on the board. This will ensure the board gets cleaned thoroughly.


  • Vinegar and baking soda for ovens

Ovens often get really rusty and a lot of food fools into the oven during cooking. That food gets burnt over time and hardens. This can give your oven a really unpleasant appearance and even affect the efficiency of your oven. An easy cleaning technique is to use baking soda and vinegar as an oven cleaner. It is safer and healthier too.


  • Baking soda to clean sofasMaid For Atlanta - Home Cleaning Made Simple - Clean Couch

Sofas sitting in your living room or your bedroom tend to gather a lot of dust as time goes by. This dust eventually causes weird smells and odors to come from the sofas. That can be especially unpleasant if you are not able to easily clean the sofas. What you can do is sprinkle baking soda all over the sofas and all its cushions, if there are any. Let the baking soda sit there for an hour two. The baking soda will work its magic and it will suck out all the odors. After the baking soda has done its job, use a vacuum cleaner to take it off.



  • Coca cola to clean toiletsMaid For Atlanta - Home Cleaning Made Simple - Dirty Bathroom

Okay this one probably sounds a little funny and not the first time someone told you that coca cola is an effective toilet cleaner. The truth is, it genuinely is. It is cheaper than buying a toilet cleaner and all the chemicals inside the cola make it easier to clean the toilet. Just pour some over the required places and let it sit for a while. Just clean off with water and voila, you have a clean toilet.


  • Vinegar to clean showerhead

Does your showerhead also need thorough cleaning after some time? Instead of taking it out and cleaning each hole one by one, there is one easy solution. You can get a plastic baggy, pour some vinegar inside it and tie it around the showerhead so the showerhead is submerged in the vinegar. Leave it there for an hour and you will see how easily the showerhead clears up!


  • Coffee filter for cleaning glass surfacesMaid For Atlanta - Home Cleaning Made Simple - Dirty TV

You know how you use toilet paper to clean off a TV screen or a computer screen and it always leaves behind little particles that are even harder to get off and they just sort of, stick there? Well, a clever replacement for that is coffee machine filters. These do not leave off any particles and you can easily clean TV and computer screens or even windows.